Some call Wealth Management an art form. Some, a science. Here at Knight and Company Wealth Advisors we think of it more as architecture, laying foundations for solid financial futures. 

Silicon Valley is the nucleus of American entrepreneurship. What was once a land of sun drenched fruit orchards and quiet farming communities became a birthing ground of innovation. 

George Knight, our family’s patriarch, founded Knight and Company in 1954 after returning from service in Korea. Long before the tech startups made their names in the valley, George built a financial services empire, serving Santa Clara County and beyond with his unprecedented fiscal genius. 

At KCWA, the legend of George is ever present. We carry his long tradition of valley ingenuity into the 21st Century, offering our high net worth clientele a range of services including: Wealth Management, Retirement Planning, Education Planning, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Business Planning Strategies, Philanthropic Strategies, Family and Marital Changes, Legacy and Estate Planning, and Special Needs Trust Management. 

Through leading-edge forecasting and strategizing, we can help you grow a financial future as concrete and trustworthy as the Knight family name, sowing seeds of prosperity just like they did in those Silicon Valley orchards of yesteryear. 

They say that money doesn’t grow on trees. 

At KCWA, with the right cultivation, we like to think it can. 

Gael & Kirk